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Schedule a deposition
Call 404-237-1990, 800-317-5773 or Use Our  Online Form

You can use this form to schedule court reporters and videographers anywhere, anytime.

Your online request will be confirmed via phone and e-mail the next business day.
All requests will be confirmed again by phone on the business day immediately preceding the deposition.

If scheduling a deposition with less than 24 hours notice, please call us at (404) 237-1990 to ensure timely processing.

((NOTE: You must attach files before filling out the form.))
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Call (800) 317-5773 or (404) 237-1990 to change or cancel a deposition request.
Depositions may be canceled up to one hour before the scheduled start time with no fee.

If scheduling a deposition with less than 24 hours notice, 
please call us at (404) 237-1990 to ensure timely processing. 



Confidential & Proprietary Information: This information is being provided solely for the purpose of the intended party's use. Use of this information for other purposes is prohibited without prior approval.